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Porterhouse vs Ribeye

Porterhouse Steak vs Ribeye – Which Is Better?

Porterhouse and ribeye are two of the most popular steak cuts that you will see on the menu when having a gourmet dining experience. If you are shopping for meat to grill at home, these are also among the most common you will find at your neighborhood butcher.

In this short porterhouse vs ribeye comparison, we’ll look at how the two cuts are different in terms of where they are from, their flavor, and methods of cooking, among other things. In the end, we’ll help you decide which one is better.

Porterhouse vs Ribeye

Where Is It From?

They are both from cattle, but which part of the animal is it from? This is an important consideration since it will have an impact on the tenderness of the meat. If it is from a potion that is often used when moving, the muscles will make the meat tougher and harder to chew. On the other hand, it will be tender if the meat is derived from an under-used body part.

The ribeye is from the steer’s rib cage, almost near the head. These are from muscles that do not engage in a lot of work, so you can expect the meat to be tender.

The porterhouse, on the other hand, is a thicker and larger T-bone. It is from the loin of cattle, which is the rear end of the animal. It also has a low-level movement, so you can expect the meat to be equally tender as a ribeye.

The main difference, however, is that there are two cuts for a porterhouse. On one side is tenderloin and on the other side is strip steak.

How Do They Look Like?

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between the two is through their appearance. While they both come from almost the same rib area, they look different, either when raw or cooked.

A ribeye steak has small or no bone. It is also tender when it comes to its texture. In contrast, a porterhouse has a visible T-shaped bone. For tenderness, there are two profiles since it includes two cuts of meat.

Which Has More Marbled Fat?

Marbling is another important consideration when you are choosing steak cuts. Especially if you wish to grill it at home, the fat content will determine the marbling. It will have an impact on the flavor and texture.

The more marbling there is, the better is the meat when it comes to being tender and juicy. Between the two cuts, ribeye has more marbling. With its high-fat content, it is considered the juiciest from all steak cuts.

Which is Cheaper?

Especially when eating out, a lot of people tend to stay away from steak because they are expensive. You must have an idea of how much it is so that you won’t be shocked. According to the National Retail Report for beef released by the United States Department of Agriculture, the average price for the two cuts is almost the same.

The ribeye will typically be more expensive in some restaurants. The reason for this is because it is more popular and has more marbled fat. If you want a steak to share and you want it to be cheaper, a porterhouse is the better option. On the other hand, for a fancy experience and if you want the juiciest and tastiest steak that you can have, it is hard to go wrong with the ribeye.

Which is Easier to Cook?

If you are buying steak raw and thinking of which one is easier to grill, take note that there are differences in how you will cook the two. For the ribeye steak, the best cooking methods include broiling, grilling, and pan-frying.

A lot of people tend to stay away from grilling. This is because of the fat content of the meat, which will make it prone to flare-ups. In terms of doneness, it is often best enjoyed when it is rare or medium-rare.

For porterhouse, on the other hand, broiling and grilling are two of the best cooking methods. There is a big bone in the center and it has an irregular shape, which is why most don’t like to have it pan-fried. Because there is a raised bone, it is difficult for the meat to get in direct contact with the surface of the pan. It is better if there is an open flame to cook the thick cut of meat quicker. When it comes to doneness, it is often cooked well-done.

Porterhouse and Ribeye on a Griddle Top

Which is Healthier?

If you are curious about the healthiest meat choices, the better cut is porterhouse. It is the mix of the short loin and tenderloin, so you can expect it to be leaner when compared to ribeye. On average, a ribeye can have 10 grams more fat compared to porterhouse.

This fat, however, is what makes the ribeye the more flavorful and juicier option. If you want to lessen the fat content in a ribeye, you must choose the right cooking method. You can cook it well-done to lessen the fat content. However, ask any steak enthusiast and they will say that this is a mortal sin. A ribeye is not meant to be cooked well-done since it is the fat that makes it tasty!

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Now that you reached the end of this post about porterhouse vs ribeye, we hope that it is now easier to decide which one is the better option between the two. They are both from the rib section, although, the ribeye tends to be better in terms of tenderness and juiciness. Porterhouse is larger and thicker with a bone in the middle and essentially two cuts of meat on each side.

For the price, they are almost the same, although, the ribeye can be quite expensive. For cooking, if you want to grill the meat, the porterhouse is the better option. The ribeye is best for pan-frying or broiling as it has high-fat content that can cause flare-up when you grill it. 

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